POPIA Compliance made easy. Playbook® PrivacyManager

Protect your business and personal data entrusted to you


Playbook® PrivacyManager
is one platform for all.

Work together in one place, easily and fast

Running a successful privacy organization requires input and the ongoing involvement of many internal and external stakeholders. Orchestrate them in one place.

Automate your everyday activities

Privacy compliance requires enormous organizational effort. Automating tasks massively reduces the workload, while progress and risks become visible.

Rely on expert tools for quality and security

Translating privacy compliance regulations into actionable tasks requires expertise. Our privacy tools are built by experts, which you can customize to your needs.

For every privacy task an expert solution.

Our software is designed to help businesses like yours simplify GDPR compliance and keep your data secure. Our solution is easy to use and customizable to fit your unique needs.


POPIA made easy

Our software helps you digitize relevant data protection processes for POPIA, standardize and automate task performance, and monitor the data protection organization in real time - all in one place.


Get started fast

With Playbook®, you're ready to go straight out of the box. We provide you with best practices, predefined processes and templates that you can start working with immediate.


Easy to customize

Manage your entire data protection organization on Playbook® and adapt processes, templates and tasks to your individual business needs - with just a few clicks and in no time at all.


Make more of your time

Save your valuable resources for completing demanding tasks instead of tedious administration based on Excel lists, team meetings and endless e-mail histories.

The Playbook® PrivacyManager, a full suite of expert tools for POPIA.

All our modules are set up by experts to the highest standards. By automating tasks, the management of thePOPIA compliance in your organization becomes easy, effective and fast.

Record of Processing

Record all processing activities in one place, always up-to-date.

Consent Management

Manage all consent processes and ensure their compliance with POPIA.

Security of Data Processing

Define and manage technical and organizational requirements.

Third Parties

Smart risk management when working with third parties.

Data Subject Rights

Handle enquires from data subjects directly on the platform.

Data Breach & Incident

Rapid responsiveness with best practices and checklists.

Software and IT

Complete handling of all privacy tasks related to software and IT.

Data Transfer

Implement requirements for data transfer with transparency.

Internet & Social Media

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Structured and standardized legal assessment and documentation.

Transparency & Information

Ensure seamless compliance with the all information obligations.

Awarness & Training

Bring acceptance and knowledge into the entire organization.

We combine expertise with smart technology

We bring the best expert knowledge to a platform that enables you to meet all regulatory requirements in no time. Benefit from best practices  and year-long industry experience combined with intuitive technology.


What people are saying

"Data protection is not new, the effort has just increased. We started with Excel and Confluence, but with the first change of employees, all the knowledge is lost that is needed to understand it. Since we started using PrivacyManager, it has become much easier."

Kevin Mayers
Data Protection Coordinator

"Once we understood what the legal requirements meant for our own business area, it became clear to us that it would not be possible without software. We highly value the combination of expertise and technology."

Susann Kolwick
Head of HR

For us, the topic was totally new. We have a large number of compliance tasks that we all take seriously. To quickly implement the requirements of the POPI Act would not have been possible without the Playbook.

Mandele Tasha
Internal Data Protection Officer

Privacy Operations Platform

Personal Workspace

A personal workspace with a clear overview of upcoming tasks, required actions and as a starting point for new processes, such as onboarding a new service provider or introducing a software.

Automated Tasks

Easily route privacy tasks through the organization while automatically engaging stakeholders in the right places, requesting approvals, and creating documentation. Inputs are easy thanks to intelligent suggestions and direct access to relevant data.

Transparency & Control

Control and monitor your data protection organization in real time. Track tasks, progress, deadlines, and responsibilities based on roles and rights, and monitor them via your personalized dashboard

In-App Chats

Along with the tasks at hand,  communicate directly with others through comments, notifications, and chat functions. Endless email chains and virtual meetings are history. In addition, documentation is assured in the required context.

Modular Roles

Assign roles and tasks to the right people in your organization. Progress, risks, and workload are all visible at a glance. Comprehensive features allow deep insights beyond compliance.

External Experts

Include external expert consultants and let them easily access the platform to assist you. Let the consultants guide you and work together with them towards full compliance - centralized in one place.