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Orchestrate your operations in a single workspace.

Replace silos with automated end-to-end solutions involving multiple humans, tools and data sources.

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Connect the dots in a single workspace.

Onboard every member of your team into Playbook’s central workspace and enjoy seamless, end-to-end collaboration.

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Ease workloads with process automation.

Eradicate delays, speed up execution, and establish a standard process for repetitive tasks.

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Increase intelligence, centrally.

Grow your organisation’s intelligence daily with Playbook’s underlying data model.

The AI enterprise platform for simpler, faster, and stronger operations.

Modular, easy-to-use, and without a line of code.

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Automate quickly with a no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder.

Organise company information into customisable modules like HR, Marketing, and Operations

Organise your operations into highly dynamic, customisable modules.

Onboard consultants onto the platform easily

Onboard the people you need, when you need them – including service providers.

Buy pre-made expert-designed workflow templates from our marketplace

Source workflow templates for various tasks from the best experts on a central marketplace.

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Product features

Access tools that empower teams to execute.

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Design no-code, custom workflows

Standardize processes and define best practices for execution by your teams.

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Assign tasks and track progress

Save your team their time by directing their attention to the task they need to complete.

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Have conversations at a task level

Keep conversations within Playbook with commenting and tagging functionality next to the task at hand.

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Bring in external collaborators

Seamlessly work alongside and assign tasks to third parties like consultants and vendors.


Hundreds of activities. One workspace. Connected to each other.

Playbook helps teams manage the most important use cases for their organisation.

The main challenge of data privacy compliance is the structured, complete and legally compliant recording and documentation of facts and circumstances, the ongoing review and adjustment of privacy-related activities, and the involvement of various knowledge holders in the completion of operational privacy tasks.

To ensure that privacy does not become a bottleneck, everyone must know what they need to do. Disruptions in collaboration, gaps in information and documentation not only mean high compliance risks, but are also an obstacle to innovation and progress.

Playbook allows you to build and run more than just individual privacy apps. Rather, the various tasks can be automatically linked with each other. This facilitates data input, relevant information is connected in such a way that a consistent view on privacy is established, and risks can be identified and mitigated in real time via an individually controllable risk scoring system. Accountability can be ensured at any time.

Claims made by customers cause a lot of work, whether they are legitimate or not.

From the structured recording of such a claim in a store, obtaining statements from departments, suppliers or third parties, consultation with external lawyers and, at the end, the legal dispute including relevant decisions by management can be orchestrated in Playbook as an integrated end-to-end process. Transparent, user-friendly and easy to set up on a no-code basis.

People are a key resource in the company. They need the attention and support that keeps them motivated, engaged and compliant. Much of this is not the sole responsibility of the HR department.

With Playbook, for example, the process of a salary increase can be reduced to a 1/3 of the time and 60-80 emails can be saved. Involving everyone from supervisors, HR, management, legal and accounting. Progress can be tracked transparently, everyone stays informed and is involved precisely where necessary. Customized to the company, the process can be easily set up within a few hours via Playbook.

Protecting the company means ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and defining and enforcing the company's own standards. Until now, this has usually been done via page-long policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidelines and guidance documents that explain what employees must do in a given situation.

The implementation of these explanations, which are often difficult to grasp, remains with the individual. The result is excessive demands, frustration and often exactly what is not supposed to happen: The rules are ignored.

With Playbook, these compliance processes can be easily digitized; the entry point to a workflow can be embedded via URL in documents, on the intranet, or for external parties on websites. Instead of describing what needs to be done, employees are guided directly through the task. At the same time, their completion is documented and can be used for accountability at any time.

A procurement process costs valuable time. It is not only the specialist department whose input is required. The performance of compliance screenings, involvement of IT, review by the privacy team, and drafting of contracts by legal, as well as, finally, the relevant management decisions, are regularly part of a comprehensive procurement process.

With Playbook, this process can be integrated and organized in a true cross-functional collaboration that provides stakeholders with constant access to existing information, makes progress visible, actively involves the external service provider, and in the end ensures seamless and legally compliant documentation. 

The modern digital working world has ensured that everything is possible at any time. In the absence of clear and established processes, it is often no longer possible for decision-makers to track whether standards and regulations have been complied with, whether the right stakeholders have been involved, and whether approvals have been given, when they are expected to make a business decision as if it were a simple signature.

Design and implement digital governance processes through Playbook, customized to the specifics and needs of your business. Build on your best practices, experience and insights into regulatory frameworks and implement custom-fit solutions for your company. This creates transparency and security for your company and relieves your employees in the company of the question of what is required of you at which point.


Playbook is used by clients to outsource digital privacy operations to Deloitte.

Teams collaborate with privacy experts on the platform towards sustainable privacy compliance.

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World leading retailers streamline their legal operations over Playbook.

On Playbook, the legal department automates its processes, involving all relevant departments as well as external law firms and even the opposing party in disputed matters.

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