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Why Playbook

Connect your clients to all your services through a single platform. Digital, modular and scalable.

Replace silos with intelligent end-to-end operations involving multiple humans, tools and data sources.


Build out endless solutions, at scale.

Build and deploy digital solutions across your entire client base, with just a few clicks. Define scope and adjust to each client’s needs.

Get closer to your clients than ever before.

Directly collaborate with your clients over Playbook and alongside your digital services.

Foster your business with a new revenue model.

As a subscription model, grant access to your expertise and know-how while being paid on an ongoing basis.

Integrate your services seamlessly into your client’s organization.

Modular, easy-to-use, and without a line of code.

Design powerful workflows, fast.

Transform your expertise into digital solutions, workflows, and templates. Customizable, simple, and no-code.

Collaborate in real-time and alongside each task.

Avoid inefficient setup times, disorganized email conversations, and unstructured documentation. Collaborate in one place in real time, in the context of relevant information and documented in a legally compliant manner.

Create a space for you and your client.

Dissolve the interface between you and your customers. With modular role and access concepts, you are seamlessly integrated into your client’s task completion.

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Product features

One interface for your digital services, at scale.

Drag and drop no-code workflow builder

Design the steps that clients should take.

Use Playbook's drag-and-drop solution builder to digitize workflows, processes, and templates that rely on your expertise and ensure quality when executed.

Manage all digital services and client cases with ease.

Easily move between client cases using Playbook’s multi-client functionality. Use your own consultancy space to build and deploy solutions to individual clients.

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Learn from your clients and better adapt your services to their needs.

Understand how your clients use your solutions and make adjustments. Respond to changing requirements and conditions and deliver something unique: sustainability.

Monitor your services for the best quality and compliance.

Playbook’s live data reporting dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of all activities on your client side, but also in your teams. See how resources are being used, what jobs are scheduled, and what challenges and risks need to be managed.


One platform. Hundreds of solutions.
All connected.

Integrate your digital solutions and supercharge your services on an underlying data model.

Legal tech solutions are now being used for particularly repetitive standard tasks. Create unparalleled efficiencies with automated gathering of facts, pre-assessments, decision-making, documentation and the organization of tasks.

At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to reorganize collaboration with clients in individual legal consulting through digitization and automation. Break down the barriers to engagement caused by the administrative burden, lengthy and time-consuming fact-finding, and frustrating experiences in developing solutions. Establish transparency in the completion of requests, progress, and cost matters. Ensure legally compliant documentation and communication on the matter. In an endless variety. Reflecting what makes your service unique.

Data privacy is an organizational challenge for companies in particular, in addition to the legal aspects. This makes it all the more important to deliver your services as digital and automated solutions.

As digital workflows that enable the comprehensive completion of privacy tasks, provision of digital templates that can be created easily and at the click of a mouse, and review and audit mechanisms that ensure sustainable compliance. The time is past when clients put up with working with Excel and Word documents. Especially in privacy, the transition to a virtual privacy organization is necessary against the backdrop of comprehensive documentation and accountability requirements and simultaneous cost pressures.

The time of paper-based compliance is over. Regulatory requirements and increasing pressure from regulators, end-user and investor expectations, as well as substantial liability risks, are forcing actual implementation of internal and external requirements.

In addition, the digital and modern working world has ensured that everything is possible at any time. In the absence of clear and established processes, it is often no longer possible for decision-makers to track whether standards and regulations have been complied with, whether the right stakeholders have been involved, and whether approvals have been given, when they are expected to make a business decision as if it were a simple signature. 

Help your clients design and implement digital compliance and governance processes through Playbook, customized to the specifics and needs of the business. Build on your best practices, experience and insights into regulatory frameworks and deploy custom-fit solutions for your clients. This creates transparency and security for your clients and relieves the employees in the company of the question of what is required of you at which point.

From the procurement, the introduction or in-house development of new software products, to the reporting of incidents and malfunctions, a streamlined and robust IT security organization is essential for today's organizations in order to meet the diverse demands of the business on the one hand, and on the other hand, to keep risks and damages away from the company, which can potentially destroy its existence.

To achieve this, it is not enough to map only aspects of IT security; the required processes must be coordinated with the integration of other departments, agencies and external service providers. Support your customers in implementing these requirements through automated processes, intuitive workflows and real-time monitoring.

A procurement process costs valuable time. It is not only the specialist department whose input is required. The performance of compliance screenings, involvement of IT, review by the privacy team, and drafting of contracts by legal, as well as, finally, the relevant management decisions, are regularly part of a comprehensive procurement process.

With Playbook, this process can be integrated and organized in a true cross-functional collaboration that provides stakeholders with constant access to existing information, makes progress visible, actively involves the external service provider, and in the end ensures seamless and legally compliant documentation. 

Many tasks and processes in operations today are still not automated, often not documented and standardized at all. This is especially true for the coordination and involvement of various stakeholders, obtaining decisions, collaboration with service providers, etc.

The resulting complexities in between cause inefficiencies, disruptions, loss of quality and frustration among the workforce. Help your clients design and continuously improve these processes through Playbook based on data insights. Integration with inventory systems, organized involvement of service providers, documentation, and real-time tracking of operations ensures immediate benefits. 


Playbook is used by clients to outsource digital privacy operations to Deloitte.

Teams collaborate with privacy experts on the platform towards sustainable privacy compliance.

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World leading retailers streamline their legal operations over Playbook.

On Playbook, the legal department automates its processes, involving all relevant departments as well as external law firms and even the opposing party in disputed matters.

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Generate new revenue streams and get access to an even broader customer base.

Leading Professional Service agents use Playbook to upgrade their service capabilities to a level of innovation that clients can’t ignore.

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Nikolai has many years of experience as a consultant for international enterprises in privacy and tech. He is a certified lawyer with a PhD. He is committed developing technology that empowers teams and management to find a better way of work.

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Louis Buys is a serial entrepreneur with various successful startups under his belt. He brings his years of business development experience Playbook and its customers.

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