World-leading retailer streamlines their legal operations in Playbook.

On Playbook, the legal department automates its processes, involving all relevant departments as well as external law firms and even the opposing party in disputed matters.

The challenge

Legal departments within the company assist other departments in dealing with or solving legal issues and tasks. Clarifying the facts and communicating with the relevant departments is usually tedious and takes place via endless email conversations and virtual meetings. Collaboration with external law firms must be managed separately. Keeping track of the multitude of requests and tasks is time-consuming and the overview is quickly lost and progress cannot be tracked.

The solution

With Playbook, the process begins where the legal case arises: in the departments, the local stores, or with external third parties who submit a claim. In close coordination with the other functions, the legal department no longer operates its processes in isolation, but works closely with all parties involved. It organizes requests and cases, assigns tasks, makes queries, orchestrates collaborations with external law firms, and creates enormous efficiency and satisfaction within the team in addition to a high level of transparency regarding work progress and workload.

The result heading

Case processing time is reduced by up to 60%, an average of 60-80 emails are saved per case, and the number of queries and required meetings is reduced to an absolute minimum. The lawyers can concentrate their focus on the actual legal issues. Allocation of resources, adherence to deadlines and prioritization of requests is possible in real time. Team satisfaction has doubled.

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